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Tidal Evolution of the Moon: Earth started tilted over

Our new model for the tidal evolution of the moon was published online today in Nature: Tidal Evolution of the Moon from a high-obliquity, high-angular-momentum Earth. The tidal evolution is a big piece of the puzzle of lunar origin. Read more about our work on making the Earth and Moon.

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K isotopes differ for Earth and Moon

Kun Wang and Stein Jacobsen's new paper "Potassium isotopic evidence for a high-energy giant impact origin of the Moon", published online in Nature, supports the idea that the Moon condensed from a highly vaporized Earth and disk.

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Congratulations, Erik!

Erik Davies has been awarded a NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship for his proposed research on the "Thermodynamics and Mechanics of Large Impacts." Congrats!

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Lab Job Opening

Junior Specialist in the Shock Compression Laboratory We are seeking a highly motivated and enthusiastic individual to assist with laboratory research investigating the response of geophysical materials to extreme pressures and temperatures.

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