Current Group Members

  • Sarah Stewart, Professor, ASU
  • Megan Harwell, Graduate Student, UC Davis
  • Adriana Postema, Graduate Student, UC Davis
  • Brandi Daddario, Graduate Student, ASU

Former Group Members

  • Zach Zentner, Staff Research Associate. On new adventures.
  • Aaron Poletti, Staff Research Associate. On new adventures.
  • Erik Davies, Postdoctoral fellow (2022-2023). Now a CCST Science Policy Fellow placed at the California Air Resources Board.
  • Kaitlyn Amodeo, 2023 Ph.D., UC Davis. Now a postdoc at Sandia National Laboratories.
  • Dylan Spaulding, Postdoctoral researcher (2012-2015); Project Scientist (2015-2022). Now research staff at Union of Concerned Scientists.
  • Robert Citron, Postdoctoral researcher (2020-2022). Now a postdoc at MIT/NASA Goddard.
  • Jill Eymann, Staff Research Associate (2016-2021). Now a student at Cal Poly Humboldt.
  • Philip Carter, Postdoctoral Researcher and Project Scientist (2017-2021). Now a Research Associate at U. Bristol.
  • Bethany Chidester, Postdoctoral researcher (2018-2021). Now a staff scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory.
  • Andrew Pepper, 2020 B.S., UC Davis.
  • Erik Davies, 2020 Ph.D., UC Davis. Now a CCST Science Policy Fellow placed at the California Air Resources Board.
  • Gigja Hollyday, 2020 M.S., UC Davis. See
  • Megan Duncan, Postdoctoral researcher (2018-2019). Now a professor at Virginia Tech.
  • Meral Basit, Undergraduate Lab Assistant (2018-2019).
  • Simon Lock, 2018 Ph.D., EPS, Harvard. Now a NERC Independent Research Fellow at U. Bristol.
  • Markos Hankin, Shock Compression Laboratory Manager, Harvard. Now He recovery engineer at Harvard.
  • Lee Wizda, Lab Technician, Harvard.
  • Gal Sarid, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Harvard (2012-2014). Now a senior research scientist at Science Systems and Applications, Inc.
  • Richard Kraus, 2013 Ph.D., EPS. A Lawrence Fellow at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Now a staff scientist at LLNL.
  • Matthew Newman, Undergraduate, Engineering (B.A. 2013). 2018 Ph.D. Caltech. Now working at Northrop Grumman.
  • Will Steinhardt, Graduate Student, EPS. Now a Postdoctoral Researcher at UC Santa Cruz.
  • Matija Ćuk, Daly-Clay Postdoctoral Fellow in EPS and Astronomy (2008-2012). Urey Prize winner. Now a research scientist at SETI.
  • Zoe Leinhardt, Postdoc in EPS (2005-2007). Now a Lecturer at U. of Bristol
  • Karin Louzada, Graduate student, EPS (Ph.D. 2009). Now the science attachè for the Netherlands.
  • Laurel Senft, Graduate student, EPS (Ph.D. 2009), now a faculty member in the Physical Sciences department, Westchester Community College
  • Rachel Zucker, Graduate Student, EPS (2010), 2015 Ph.D. MIT, Now a Miller Fellow at UC Berkeley.
  • Wade Henning, Graduate Student, EPS (Ph.D. 2011). Now a research scientist at NASA Goddard.
  • Robert Marcus, Graduate Student, Astrophysics (Ph.D. 2011). Now a software engineer at Google.
  • Gregory Kennedy, Shock Compression Laboratory Manager (2006), now a research scientist at Georgia Tech’s Impact Facility
  • Lee Farina, Shock Compression Laboratory Manager (2010).
  • Benjamin Black, Undergraduate Student, EPS (2005), former Fulbright Fellow. Now an assistant professor at Rutgers University.
  • Gregory Valiant, Undergraduate Student, Math (2007). Now an associate professor at Stanford.
  • Kate Scheider, Research Assistant in EPS
  • Andrea Peterson, Undergraduate, Chemistry and Physics
  • Firth McEachern, Undergraduate, Earth and Planetary Sciences and Astronomy and Astrophysics (2009)
  • Peter Hedman, Undergraduate, Earth and Planetary Sciences (2010)
  • Sonya Mollinger, Undergraduate, Physics (2011)

Research Opportunites

  • Individuals interested in research opportunities should contact Sarah for more information.

Happy Dr. Kaitlyn!

Dylan Spaulding, Former Project Scientist

Markos Hankin, Former Lab manager


Karin Louzada, Sarah’s first graduate student

Simon Lock and Erik Davies @ AGU 2017

Group Contact Information

SESE Mailing address

ASU School of Earth and Space Exploration
PO Box 876004
Tempe, AZ 85287-6004

Main office 480.965.5081

Group physical address

ASU Tempe Campus
School of Earth and Space Exploration
Bateman Physical Sciences, F-Wing
Tempe, AZ 85287-6004

Sarah Stewart sstewa56 at asu dot edu
Megan Harwell megharwell at ucdavis dot edu
Adriana Postema anpostema at ucdavis dot edu
Brandi Daddario bdaddari at asu dot edu